Now Accepting Used Items

Is your closet or dresser bursting at the seams?

Have you changed styles or color palettes?

Did you or your kid(s) recently change size?


Then we want to see what you’ve got! We are currently accepting gently used movement clothing and dance shoes. Items accepted will be worth credit in the store. Keep reading for all the details.

Items we need

  • Dance shoes for kids and adults- ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, ballroom, lyrical
  • Leotards for kids and adults
  • Athletic tops for men and women, kids and adults
  • Athletic bottoms for men and women, kids and adults


Rules for Acceptance

  • Items must be clean with minimal wear
  • We reserve the right to reject any item for any reason
  • Items do not have to be brands we carry
  • Credit value is non-negotiable
  • Items will be looked at Tuesday through Thursday from 1p-7p
    • please bring items during these times unless granted special permission

Please contact Francesca with any questions you may have.

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