Community Building, Physical Wellness

11/16 Belly Dance with Crystal

Learn the basics of bellydance! Hip twists, drops, lifts, shimmies, figure 8s, and undulations, plus arm, torso, and chest movements. It’s not just the belly that dances — it’s the whole body!
Crystal fell in love with the joy of bellydance in 1989 and has been shimmying, twisting, and undulating ever since. She studied bellydance with dancers from North Africa and the Middle East in Paris, Boston, and across New England. She now teaches periodically at Sobo Studio and complements her love of Middle Eastern music by playing Arabic violin.
Move and Connect happens each Friday from 5:30-6:30p in the shop.
Free. All abilities welcome. Come move your body in a fun, judgement-free zone.
*We will be taking a break for the Holiday Season. Stay tuned for other events and for future classes!

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