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10/26 Slow Flow Yoga with Kelly

What exactly is Gentle Yoga Flow? When I teach a gentle yoga class, I pause between each pose. Breathing deeply. Inviting my students to exhale. Perhaps a loud satisfying exhale. Pause to feel the stretch, the strengthening; Being present. Noticing the air on your skin.The sounds in the room. What would enhance the pose? Blocks? Bolster? Straps? Chair? This is your pose. Your class. Your body. Breathe. Feel. Be.
Yoga Alliance 500 hour teacher, Kelly Therieau has been practicing yoga for over 12 years. The gift of yoga for Kelly is the quieting of the mind, strengthening of the body and honoring the breath. Kelly offers a Gentle Flow Yoga that is a welcoming practice for all bodies. She mixes her sense of humor and loving kindness with deep breathing and gentle stretching. Using verbal suggestions and variations for each pose. Kelly follows the three aspects of Hits The Spot Yoga; go to your steady edge,breathe deeply and focus on a point of concentration or sensation.
Move and Connect happens each Friday from 5:30-6:30p in the shop.
Free. All abilities welcome. Come move your body in a fun, judgement-free zone.
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