Community Building

Ambassador Program

Do you think WMA is doing something right? Do you enjoy your experience and find yourself wanting to tell people about it? Are you an active and social being… er… Human?

Then you are a perfect fit! By helping to spread the word about the shop, our mission, and connecting our community, you will be rewarded with exclusive deals, two yearly parties, and the peace of mind that you are helping a local business thrive. Visit the shop or continue reading to learn more about the program and sign up.


By becoming an Ambassador, I agree to complete the following tasks:

  • Distribute referral cards to potential new customers
    • Each redeemed coupon card is worth one (1) star
    • Post about WMA on social media platforms and tag @windhammovementapparel
    • WMA is on Facebook and Instagram
    • This can include sharing posts by WMA
    • Four (4) posts are worth one (1) star
  • Write honest reviews
    • WMA is on Google MyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor
    • Each review is worth one (1) star
  • Distribute posters, flyers, postcards, and coupons to my designated area when asked
    • Each completed distribution set is worth one (1) star

In return, I will receive the following rewards:

  • Two (2) semi-annual soirees at Windham Movement Apparel, one each in April and October
    • Including complementary classes, gifts, refreshments, and a chance to mingle with other Ambassadors
    • Offer guidance for future styles, brands, color palettes, etc at WMA
    • Must be an active Influencer to receive an invitation
  • A participant discount on each purchase
    • Stars are tallied as of the previous month’s total
    • One (1) star = 5%
    • Example:In April you received 1 star for distribution + 3 new customers + 1 review = 5 stars and 25% off for the month of May

I may choose to release myself at any time from the Ambassador Program with the understanding that I will relinquish my discount and soiree invitations. If I am not active for one (1) month, I will be notified that I am in jeopardy of losing my status as an Ambassador. If I am not active for two (2) consecutive months, I will be removed from the Ambassador Program until I notify WMA of my interest to restart participation.

Click here to sign the Contract Agreement


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