Physical Wellness, Sale


It happens every so often that someone will come into the shop and share that they are looking for a gift but aren’t really sure what would be best. Does this sound familiar? Happily, we are working to combat the unknown but offering suggestions of collections for your gift recipient.

Consider the friend who is thinking about joining you at yoga class and just happens to have gotten a new job. It’s often hard to know what size or the perfect fit so we created a New Yogi Collection that includes a basic mat, a yoga strap, and a foam block for $60.

For a thoughtful gift just to remind your significant other (perhaps) that you support their well-being, wrap up a Self Care Collection that includes an 18″ foam roller, a stretching strap, and a Pinky pressure point massage ball for $25.

Then there is that classmate of your kid who is celebrating their birthday and loves ballet. Whether in children’s sizes or grownup sizes, the Ballet Collection includes a basic camisole or tank leotard, tights, and fancy hair accessory for $30 or $40 respectively.

If none of these feel like quite the right thing, Francesca offers her expertise to craft the perfect collection just for your special gift recipient. They will have the ability to bring in anything that isn’t quite right and exchange it as long as tags are left on and everything is in New condition.

And for those times when you can’t make it in but know that a Windham Movement Apparel Gift Certificate would be the best of all, you can purchase online and send via email! Visit our Square Portal for details by clicking here.

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