Enjoying Vermont
Community Building

A Grateful Community

How do we build such a thing?

I find myself looking outward on a regular basis. What am I about to do? Who am I about to see or meet up with? What can I do to help my daughter grow and thrive? How can I market my shop better? I’m always seeking. Searching. Reaching. It’s never good enough to just be right here. Shifting to a more resilient human being rather than a human doing takes so much conscious effort. We do not inherently let our minds go and simply take in the world around us through our senses. At least I don’t anymore.

What would happen if we did? Think about it a moment. If we each stopped regularly to take a breath, observe the situation, and allow a natural path to align itself then we might be able to appreciate that so many answers are right there in front of us. And how do I remind myself to pause? By setting myself up for success, that’s how.

When given the chance at least daily to have 5 minutes to myself, I am able to set an intention or affirmation for the day. I can write it down in an obvious spot so I’ll see it and check in with myself about it sporadically. Say the affirmation to myself and then let it go. I know this is nothing new but with this simple practice I can become more in-tune and centered. Letting this practice guide me, I can share my calm with others, my appreciation of the world within me and outside of me. If we start with ourselves, we can build the foundation of gratitude that is contagious.

Appreciating and being grateful for situations, people, things, places, ideas, and sharing that feeling passes on the positivity. It’s definitely a world I aspire to encourage. And with that, please allow me to share my current list as it came to me through this guided meditation on Gratitude with Deepak Chopra.

What am I grateful for?

  • My wife- for sharing this life with me, supporting our household, and pushing me continually to be better than I was yesterday
  • My daughter- for continually reminding me to live right here, right now, and to always have room for laughter
  • My ability to move my body- because without that movement, my heart wouldn’t know how to sing
  • The roof over my head- that’s classy, comfortable, and a great starter home
  • The people I’ve met while owning WMA- because it is your encouragement, appreciation, and support that brings me in every day

This list feels as though it is just the beginning. Five minutes on my first venture into a regular mindfulness practice and I’ll call this a good start. I can see in my body language and feel in my breath that this practice will help me. And to flesh out the community portion, I intend to share my gratitude with others as I see it take form. A plant must let go of its seeds when they are ready to be set free on the wind or it doesn’t spread flowers across the meadow.

I am grateful for you.

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