Community Building

Fellowship in Movement

It is rare that I feel the need to share anything lengthy but here we go. It is ever present in my mind how disjointed the many movement communities of this area are. Do the yogis attend dance performances? Do the dancers dabble in circus classes? Do the circus folks center themselves in yoga once in a while? I don’t know the answer to this query but am intent to find out. I strongly feel that the more we support each other both within and outside of our individual  niches, the stronger we get in sharing our practice with the greater community. It has been proven many times over how beneficial the arts is on individuals and the community. We wouldn’t practice yoga if it had no benefit to both our minds and bodies. These and many other movement arts are a crucial component to the wellness we strive for daily.

But how do we begin this process of strengthening our individual relationships to our movement practices so that we can evolve to strengthen our movement community? Using Windham Movement Apparel as my launchpad and safe space, I would like to begin a regular gathering that can serve as a place to get to know one another, learn about what is around us, and share our experiences of movement with others that understand. Finding a time that is functional for the majority will prove to be a large challenge. The second challenge will be encouraging each and every one of us to motivate our bodies toward collecting at this time and place. What motivates you to connect? What motivates you to convene? What draws you to one place over another in this time of heavy technical tethers and heavy rear ends?

Now is the time to come together. Our movement arts can spring us forward with untold force because together we are stronger. If your interest is political, we can go there. The only way, though, is to combine our efforts and get a move on.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the survey below to the best of your ability. All information submitted will be protected and never shared or sold.

Thank you so very much for reading and I look forward to gathering with you.

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